Sunday, 6 November 2011

FiTS cuts lead to panic buying of solar panels and systems

The government's surprise announcement of the 50% cut to the Feed in Tariffs as of 12th December this year has led to huge demand and panic buying of wholesale solar panels, inverters and mounting systems. Wholesalers and dealers saw unprecedented demand last week and stocks of all products, especially inverters and mounting hardware, are running worryingly low.

With such high demand, some sales teams have been forced to ignore ringing telephones to keep up with processing so many orders, warehouses began to empty and many installers have been left with installation contracts, but with nothing to install. Unfortunately, the unscrupulous elements of the solar industry have also surfaced, with some wholesalers increasing prices by up to 100%!

In response to this significant demand, we at Cleversolar have made stocks of trade solar equipment from our facilities in Europe available to the UK solar industry. Unlike some we have not increased our prices!

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