Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Reduction in Feed-in Tariffs Drives Free Solar Panel Installers Away
By Robin Whitlock

A recent study by Free Solar Panels UK has revealed that at least half the UK’s free solar panel installers have left the solar market as a result of cuts to Feed-in Tariffs (FiTS). The study claims that there are now as few as 8 installers in the whole country ready to assist those who cannot afford up-front payments for solar PV.

Free panel installers have had to endure a further cut, beyond that which affected everyone else in the market, because of the government’s sudden refusal to support them. Only 2 of the 3 leading free panel installers remain in the solar business – A Shade Greener and Isis Solar. Many others continue to provide panels, but only with an upfront payment.

"The Government was fully supportive of the Free Solar Industry way back in October 2009” said Stewart Davies, the CEO of A Shade Greener, “ but now seems intent on making it very difficult for companies such as ours to continue to provide this invaluable free service, without which the FIT Scheme is entirely elitist.” Nevertheless, Mr Davies said that his company remains committed to the free solar principle and will continue to supply free panels to the public for the foreseeable future, as well as an entirely free energy assessment. The energy assessment will provide householders with an EPC certificate which is valid for ten years. 

The exit of so many installers from the market have effectively left the UK with a number of ‘solar PV blackspots’ with regards to free panel provision, according to the study.



Free Solar Panels UK

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